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quality through continuous improvement

 I've been extremely blessed with a long successful career as a master Barber. However the fact that I've been successful isnt as important as the reason, which is; I've always worked hard, worked smart and always continued to learn. Along the way I've been mentored by some great people who kept talking when I wouldn't listen, Kept pushing when I wanted to stand still and kept teaching when I didn't want to learn. This is why it is so Important for me to give back. One of the most rewarding things I am able to do is pass on the knowledge and skill I have acquired. Thats why I offer education to all my fellow professionals in the hair industry.


The classes I provide are offered either on a one on one basis, or in a class setting with a limited attendance of six (6) students (in your Shop/Salon or in my Exclusive Barber Parlor). I keep the learning environment at a minimum to further promote exclusivity & maintain an optimal educational experience. 

The topics offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Building & maintaining a clientele

  • High end customer servcie

  • Clipper & Shear work

  • Use of the straight & safety razor in shaving, as well as for Hair Shaping.

  • Beard Design (including consultation, tools & product use)

  • Hair Design (Everything from consultation, Fades & Tapers to longer hair with texture & movement, as well as product use)

  • Financial Planning as it pertains to the Hair Industry.


At the end of each class there won't be a fancy paper to frame or a shiny medal to wear, but what you will leave with, is proven skills and techniques that you will be able to immediately put to use to increase your clientele as well as your bank account! 

If you're serious about Improving as a Hair Professional, fill out the contact form below and we'll plan the next step together.

Success! I will respond to your request as ASAP!!

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