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With over 3 decades of experience in the Hair Industry "Chris Montoya Hair" began its journey based out of Los Angeles. I started as the son of a Barber, working in my father's Barbershop as a child. I learned the business throughout my youth and Earned my Barber license at the age of 16. Several years later I acquired my own Shop in the city of Arcadia, CA and eventually assumed responsibility of my father's shop as well (when he retired).

For the past 40+ years I've spent my time working both in the shop and as a mobile Barber, cutting hair in every place imaginable. I continue to hone my skills by regularly attending trade conventions as well as educational events thus keeping current on the ever changing trends in the Hair Care Industry.


Now based in Covina, CA, I bring my extensive experience to gentlemen looking for the highest quality in Hair, Beard & Skin care without the inconveniences of visiting the over crowded & long waits of todays barbershop. No more having to wait extensively or to be rushed out, only to have to settle for a disappointing haircut. Here, you will get what YOU have in mind because every service is designed with YOU in mind. 

I only accept up to 10 clients per day to maintain intentional exclusivity. Every time you visit with me, you can expect to get exactly what you're looking for, because time is never an issue. You are involved in the process of every Barber service from the beginning to the end.

Barbering, the way Barbering was intended to be. 



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